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2nd SKA Championships - Report

Saturday 19 March 2016

The 2nd Annual Shotokan Karate Academny Championships were held at Trinity Sports Centre, Manchester on 19th March 2016.

The large sports hall was decked with 3 matted competition areas, and a host of the club's senior members were on hand to referee the events.

90 competitors lined up from the Shotokan Karate Academy, Manchester University Shotokan Karate Club, Hale Karate Club, Elyse Karate Club and Kotora Karate Club to compete in the 20 events scheduled during the day.  There was a good turn out of supporters too!

Full list of results:


Children Novice to 8th Kyu
1st Sandro Da Silva - SKA
2nd Ted Grace - Hale
3rd Lily Taylor - Hale
4th Ahsanullah Halimi - SKA

Children 7th to 4th Kyu
1st Alice Carr - Hale
2nd Danae Petrouis - Hale
3rd Theo Grandage - Hale
4th Oliver Hughes - Hale

Children 3rd Kyu and above
1st Aarvi Gund - Hale
2nd Paul Bigger - SKA
3rd Dominic Mehandjiev - SKA
4th Mohammed Elwerfalli - SKA

Adult Novice to 4th Kyu
1st James Shillcock - MUSKC
2nd Jodie Pallagrass - MUSKC
3rd Agustin Guardiola - MUSKC
4th Coline Van Senden - MUSKC

Adult 3rd to 1st Kyu
1st Lottie Lindsley
2nd Josh Croft - Leeds Shotokan
3rd Vaheeshan Jeganathan - MUSKC
4th Ze Lai - MUSKC

Adult 1st Dan and above
1st Alex Cockx Hale
2nd Mike Pearce - SKA
3rd Kay Prachunla - Hale
4th Ross Harford - SKA

Ippon Kumite

Boys Novice to 4th Kyu
1st Stephan Santos - SKA
2nd Omar Hariti - SKA
3rd= Sandro Da Silva - SKA
3rd= Oliver Hughes - Hale

Boys 3rd Kyu and over
1st Paul Bigger - SKA
2nd Dominic Mehandjiev - SKA
3rd= Awais Ahmad - Kotora
3rd= Luca Harford - SKA

Girls - all grades
1st Amy Norton - Hale
2nd Alice Carr - Hale
3rd= Danae Petrouis - Hale
3rd= Alicia Clarke - Kotora

Womens Novice to 4th Kyu
1st Jodie Pallagrass - MUSKC
2nd Coline Van Senden - MUSKC
3rd Hatsuki Aishima - SKA

Womens 3rd to 1st Kyu
1st Lottie Lindsley - MUSKC
2nd Lucy Mehandjieva (special well done for competing with the Seniors when she is under 16yrs!!)
3rd= Eliana Lingard - MUSKC
3rd= Eva Barta - SKA

Mens Novice to 4th Kyu
1st Blagovest Milev - SKA
2nd Nick Heminsley - MUSKC
3rd= Anthony Menezes - MUSKC
3rd= Agustin Guardiola - MUSKC

Mens 3rd to 1st Kyu
1st Emil Dimov - SKA
2nd Josh Croft - Leeds Shotokan
3rd= Marc Fuzellier - SKA
3rd= Adel Taytay - SKA

Jiyu Kumite

1st Luca Harford - SKA
2nd Awais Ahmad - Kotora
3rd Mohammed Elwerfalli - SKA

1st Paul Bigger - SKA
2nd Dominic Mehandjiev - SKA
3rd Troy Hunter - Kotora

Junior Female (16 to 20yrs)
1st Zuzanna Bujnovska - MUSKC
2nd Kay Prachunla - Hale
3rd= Lucy Mehandjieva - SKA (second special mention for competing with the adults!)
3rd= Coline Van Senden - MUSKC

Junior Male (16 to 20yrs)
1st Eric Owusu - SKA
2nd Alex Cockx - Hale
3rd= Thomas Flood - MUSKC
3rd= Nick Heminsley - MUSKC

Senior Female (21yrs and over)
1st Victoria Ogunseitan - SKA
2nd Lottie Lindsley - MUSKC
3rd= Vanessa Macintyre - SKA
3rd= Jodie Pallagrass - MUSKC

Senior Male (21yrs and over)
1st Sam Humphrey - MUSKC
2nd Marc Fuzellier - SKA
3rd= Ross Harford - SKA
3rd= Emil Dimov - SKA

Veteran Male
1st Matt Hulme - SKA
2nd Steve Taylor - SKA
3rd= Graham Travis - Hale
3rd= Adel Taytay - SKA

Special Awards

Most Promising Boy under 16yrs: Paul Bigger - SKA

Most Promising Girl under 16yrs: Alice Carr - Hale

Best Junior Competitor: Aarvi Gund - Hale

Best Senior Competitor: Lottie Lindsley - MUSKC

Nigel Farquhar Memorial Shield for Best Attitude: Emil Dimov - SKA

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