Shotokan Karate Academy

Club Grading results

Friday 27 June 2014

The second club grading of 2014 was held today.  Congratulations to the following people who graded:

9th Kyu: Alice Bigger, Mohamed Elwerfalli and Huzain Kashif

8th Kyu: Philip, Emily, Matthew and William Pun, Danny Berry, Anjoman Aziz, Jeganathan Vaheeshan, Leo and Sophie Anderson, Morgan Cooke and Adrian Murray.

7th Kyu: Jonathan O'Mara

6th Kyu: Keenan Jones, John McGough and Eric Owusu

5th Kyu: Elle Hyde

3rd Kyu: Josh Croft

1st Kyu: Jonty Crosbie

Well done everyone! Don't be shy of asking the senior grades to help you through your new katas at the dojo before training!


Click on the image below to see a larger photo from today's session.

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