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Results from 45th KUGB National Championships

Sunday 15 May 2011

A joint squad from the club and Manchester University attended the Nationals on Saturday 14th May 2011.  The squad did fantastically well with results as follows:

Senior Team Kata: Dean Field, Vicky Phillips and Stuart Gordon - Gold
A great performance of Sochin saw the trio take the title by a clear margin once again.  I think we've all lost count of how many times these guys have won this event.

Senior Men's Kata: Dean Field - Silver, Stuart Gordon - Bronze
Fantastic execution of Unsu by Dean and Gankaku by Stuart to add more medals to their collection.

Women's Kata: Vicky Phillips - Silver, Cristina Finta - Bronze
Vicky and Christina delivered excellent performances of Nijushiho and Gojushiho Dai to win second and third place respectively.  This was Christina's first attendance at the KUGB Nationals - we look forward to seeing much more of her.

Men's Team Kumite: Brooks Kenny, Scott Watson, Matt Hulme (reserves Brian Bigger, Ian Ingram) - Bronze
Well - what can I say?  Fantastic fighting spirit from these guys who battled on despite picking up a couple of injuries.  Brooks was unable to kiai after taking a heavy punch to the throat and Matt barely able to see after a punch to the eye.  And Scott narrowly missed scoring Ippon for ushiro mawashi.  The guys were knocked out at the semi-final stage by a strong Halewood team who went on to win the title.  A well-deserved third place and they've retained their seeding for next year. Well done!

Women's Team Kumite: Maria McMaster, Camille Sandaljian, Cristina Finta - Bronze
Not to be outdone by the men, the women showed their determined attitude and grit in the women's team kumite.  Maria looked calm and collected in her fights, Camille recovered well after worrying start with a warning, and Christina showed her speed however the girls were knocked out at the semi-final stage by a much more experienced Halewood team.  Congratulations on winning third place.  (Seeding does not apply in the women's team event unfortunately.)

Children's Kata up to 4th Kyu: Holly Standring - Bronze
A surprise medal here for Holly in her first karate competition.  She won her group to go onto the evening's final and delivered a good performance of Heian Godan to win 4th place overall.  Well done!

Well done also to all the other competitors who showed tremendous spirit at the championships: Rosie, Emma, Charlie, Sayuri, Kerry, Aoyfe, Paul, Connor, Thomas and Ellie.

The event was well attended and organised.  I'm sure Garry and Amina were kept on their toes whilst they were refereeing!

Photos are currently being collated and will be added shortly.

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