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Dan Gradings - Matt achieves Nidan

Friday 19 April 2013

Matt, Tracey, Holly, Thomas and Ellie travelled to the KUGB Black & Brown belt course in Rhyl on Saturday 20th April 2013 to train with Senseis Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Bob Poynton 7th Dan.  As ever, Sensei Sherry provided an excellent class, pointing out the finer details in kata.  The children enjoyed the training and particularly enjoyed being asked to demonstrate with Sensei Poynton! 

Following the training, Matt Hulme nervously waited to take his Nidan grading.  Of course, there was no need for nerves - Matt performed very strongly, in the kumite in particular, leaving no doubt of the result.

Congratulations on passing your Nidan, Matt!

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