Shotokan Karate Academy

Club Kyu Gradings results

Friday 28 September 2012

Congratulations to all the club members taking part in today's grading.

Luca Harford - 8th kyu, Hattie Baker - 8th kyu, Jonty Crosby - 6th kyu, Jacob Boguszewicz - 4th kyu, Myla Baker - 4th kyu, Zac Baker - 4th kyu, Matt Athauda - 4th kyu, Ellie Hulme - 3rd kyu, Evan Partington - 3rd kyu, Ave Partington 3rd kyu, Erica Pericas-Hewitt 2nd kyu, Vanessa MacIntyre 2nd kyu, Kevin Ma - 1st kyu.

Well done, Sensei Harford was very pleased with everyones attitude and effort and is looking forward to seeing you all wearing your new belts at the next training session.

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